Buffalo Riders of Hampton Roads - Annual Horseback Ride through Portsmouth

Historical Significance

The Buffalo Riders of Hampton Roads honors the memory of the Buffalo Soldiers. Begun in 1997, the organization was founded to promote awareness of the history and contributions of the 9th & 10th Cavalry of the post-Civil War era, which opened the West for the military.

The name Buffalo Soldier was given as a sign of respect by Native Americans who thought the Black soldiers resembled and demonstrated the tenacious spirit of their most sacred animal, the buffalo.

The annual horseback ride takes place during Black History month in February.

Physical Description

No Physical Description Available

Geographical and Contact Information

The annual horseback ride begins in Olde Towne Portsmouth, winds through Portsmouth and ends in Olde Towne.

Chesapeake, Virginia
Phone: 757-465-1443
Fax: 757-446-2414

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