Richmond National Battlefield Park-Civil War Visitor Center (Historic Tredegar)

Historical Significance

The Richmond Civil War Visitor Center, located in the historic Tredegar Iron Works, chronicles Richmond, Virginia's involvement in the Civil War. Maps, video displays, and exhibits present significant Civil War battles in the Richmond area as well as the Civil War's effect on the military and domestic front in Richmond.

The museum holds the John H. Motley Collection,    one of the nation’s foremost collections of African American military materials, including more than 3,000 items. The archive is the source for many of the images depicted in the Take Our Stand exhibit, and was gifted to the American Civil War Center in 2007 by John H. Motley of Hartford, Connecticut.

Physical Description

The Richmond Civil War Visitor Center is housed in a three story brick building which is one of the original structures in the Tredegar Iron Works. The building has both an external and internal elevator, hourly parking, and restroom facilities.

Geographical and Contact Information

470 Tredegar Street
Richmond, Virginia
Phone: 804-226-1981
Fax: 804-771-8522

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